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Red Cedar Patio Furniture

We supply a great selection of Western Red Cedar Patio Furniture, ideal for your home, cottage or resort.

Western Standards | End Tables & Coffee Tables | Painted Furniture | Bar & Pub | Dinning |
Chairs & Lounges | Gliders and Benches | Picnic Tables & Swings |

The Western Standers

Complete Line of Clear Western Red Cedar Patio Furniture

Built with Clear Red Cedar
Solid Construction 1 1/2” Thick Material
Stained With “ Sikkens” Premium Stain
No Visible Screws

Why Western Red Cedar ?


Naturally occurring organic compounds give off that richly distinct cedar aroma that smells so good to humans but makes the wood highly unattractive to insects moths and other pests.


Western Red Cedar has an incredible thermal co-efficient, meaning even on hot days, it is cool to sit in. Its bacterial and fungal resistance with the fact that Cedar is 80% the strength of Oak, makes it the most desirable wood to use for building Outdoor Patio Furniture.


Western Red Cedar fibers Contain Oils that act as Natural Preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay, making it our #1 choice to build Outdoor Patio Furniture for moist and humid climates.

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Western Coffee & End Tables

Coffee and End tables come in 3 different sizes. All built with clear red cedar and all screws hidden. Upgrade you dock or patio with a quality Western Product.

MO22-Western Muskoka End Table Deluxe 22Wx22Dx22H



MO17-Western Drop Leaf End Table 24Wx24Dx22H



MO3838- Western Coffee Table 38Wx38Dx30H


MO1946-Western Coffee Table 46Wx19Dx22H


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Western Furniture Now Painted

The complete Line of Western Patio Furniture is now available in painted colours. The current colours we stock are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. Your own or a different color is optional although limited quantities will apply.



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Outdoor Bar & Pub Tables

2 different designs of Bar Tables, one a octagon table with a covered drink cooler in the center and the other a standard rectangular bar with cooler and storage space behind.

MO50-Western Octagon Patio Bar Table 50″Wx50″Dx44″H
MO58-Western Rectangular Patio Bar Table 24″Wx58″Dx42″H
MO18-Western Patio Bar Chair 18″Wx21″Dx50″H



Western Octagon Patio Bar Table has a 20″ plastic liner in the center for your ice and drinks with an opening lid to keep them in the shade before serving. Comes with an opening door below for convenient storage hidden away from view.

buckettable doortable

Western Patio Bars have matching hooks tucked professionally underneath the Bar Table Tops to place the Bar chairs into, this will prevent them from blowing over and getting scratched.

octtable recttable

Western Cedar Pub Tables are available in 2 different heights (36″ and 42″) with basic bar stools also available in either 24″ or 30″ high. Our Patio Bar Chair is available only in a 30″ seat.

MO4436-Western Pub Table 36″ 44″Wx44″Dx36″H
MO4442-Western Pub Table 42″ 44″Wx44″Dx42″H
MO18-Western Patio Bar Chair 18″Wx21″Dx50″H
MO16-Western Standard Bar Chair 20″Wx15″Dx30″H
MO14-Western Standard Bar Chair 18″Wx13″Dx24″H



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Outdoor Dining Suite

Western Outdoor Dinning Suites are available in 3 different styles, from harvest tables, gazebo tables and patio tables we have the product you need to make your outdoor kitchen look perfect.

MO4430-Western Gazebo Table 44Wx44Dx30H


MO4484-Western Patio Dinning Table 72Lx44Wx30H


MO4068- Western Harvest Table 68Lx40Wx30H


MO24-Western Dinning Chair 27Wx24Dx36H


Serve your guests in style with this classical serving cart built with clear western red cedar and stained with Sikkens. Holds up to 6 Wine Bottles and has unique hanging slides to store up to 12 glasses. 2 Drawers that pull out on both sides and a towel bar on either end. Top and bottom shelf are glass for easy cleaning, cart moves easy with built on casters.

MO75-Western Serving Cart 18Wx44Lx37H


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Western Muskoka Chairs & Lounges

6 different styles of Muskoka Chairs, mortise and tenon joinery and 3 coats Sikkens stain are our main selling features, our product will stand out on your dock or deck. We offer our furniture in painted now as well, be sure to check out the Now Painted page for more information.

MO10-Western Muskoka Chair Deluxe 31Wx36Dx38H
MO12-Western Muskoka Ottoman Deluxe 20Wx20Dx12H
MO22- Western End Table Deluxe 22Wx22Dx22H


MO11-Western Senoir Muskoka Chair 31Wx32Dx40H


MO25-Western Muskoka Chair with Built-In Ottoman 30Wx38Dx40H
This unique design lets you lift the front of Ottoman and slide underneath the seat on the chair !


MO8-Western Muskoka Chair Classic 36Wx38Dx39H
Built with 8″ sides and arms.


MO15-Western Muskoka Folding Chair 30Wx38Dx40W


MO102-Western Muskoka Settee Deluxe 76Wx40Dx38H


MO35-Western Chaise Lounge 24Wx72Lx40H


MO34-Western Beach Lounge 29Wx72Lx36H


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Western Gliders and Benches

MO48-Western Patio Bench 4ft. 54Wx24Dx36H
MO60-Western Patio Bench 5ft. 64Wx24Dx36H


MO38-Western Combo Bench 5ft. 60Wx22Dx38H

benchtable1 benchtable2

MOG24-Western Glider Chair 24Wx24Dx36H


MOG48-Western Glider Bench 48Wx24Dx36H


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Western Picnic Tables & Swings

Bring your friends or family together for a evening of outdoor fun with our classical cedar picnic tables.

MO82-Western Octagon Picnic Table 85Wx85Dx32H


MO72-Western Rectangle Picnic Table 44Wx44Dx30H picnictable

MOS48- Western Swing 4ft. 54Wx24Dx24H
6 feet of chain included.

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