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The FyreFly Jet easily mounts in your deck and comes in a lit and unlit version. Out of the brass faceplate, eight, 1/4" fingers of water are thrown approximately 8 feet without fanning out. Install a grouping to create playful arching and spraying. Holes can be angled at 20 or 40 degrees for different applications.

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Sheer Descent
waterfalls produce a clear arc of water, projecting away from the pool
wall. The flow can be adjusted to create a range of effects from an almost silent, glass like sheet of water to a rushing mountain spring waterfall.

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From the drama of a spouting
lion’s head to the sophisticated
elegance of Neptune, Aqua
bring a refined beauty to every pool or spa they adorn.

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The Laminar effect is a high-tech illusion. The water is so well controlled it creates a continuous glass-like rod of water that hits the water virtually sound-free. When color-changing fiberoptics are added and connected to a commercial quality 150 watt illuminator, it produces breathtaking evening light shows.

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